What did we learn from the presidential debate?

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Well done we made it through the presidential debate.

There were plenty of takeaways you can derive on the political side, but this didn’t mean much for markets.

We saw some initial upside in the USD (downside in Antipodean currencies) but the moves pulled back the deeper we went into the debate.

The most noticeable comments for markets (but arguably not really impactful or meaningful) were:

  • Trump says planned tariffs will decrease deficits and won’t increase problematic inflation
  • Trump says China has been robbing us for years, and imposing tariffs on them is fair
  • Trump says he would have the Russia/Ukraine war settled before he takes office

So, all in all, it was 90 minutes (which we’ll never get back) where we didn’t learn much, and had to listen to arguments about golf handicaps when the most important job in the world is at stake.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about the next few months of election shenanigans?

This article was written by Arno V Venter at www.forexlive.com.

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