US preparing to evacuate Americans from Lebanon as tensions remains high

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According to NBS the US is preparing to evacuate Americans from Lebanon should the fighting between Hezbollah and Israel intensify.

The increased military activity and the rhetoric suggest a risk of escalation, potentially opening up another front.

  • The Pentagon is repositioning U.S. military assets closer to Israel and Lebanon.
  • USS Wasp and Marines from the 24th Expeditionary Unit have moved into the Mediterranean.
  • The Wasp will be ready for Military Assisted Departure and other missions
  • Cross-border fire between Israel and Hezbollah is escalating
  • U.S. officials are concerned about potential Israeli airstrikes and a ground offensive in Lebanon
  • Israel aims to create a 10-mile buffer zone above the Lebanese border, preferring a diplomatic solution but ready to use force if necessary
  • The U.S. is coordinating with allies for possible evacuations and coalition military operations
  • The U.S. Embassy in Beirut has warned Americans to reconsider travel to Lebanon
  • Canada is preparing contingency plans to evacuate 20,000 Canadians from Lebanon

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