Stocks extend gains. Nasdaq leads the way.

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The three major US stock indices are trading higher with the NASDAQ index leading the way. A positive close today in the NASDAQ would be is sixth consecutive record closing level. On Friday, the S&P index fell marginally (-0.04%). The snapped its 4-day positive streak (and 4 days of successive record closes).

The Dow Industrial Average is also higher today up on 107.46 points or 0.29% at 38697.83. The record high close for the Dow Industrial Average averages at 40,003.

The S&P index is up 26 points or 0.47% at 5457.21. The NASDAQ index is up 82.00.47 percent 17772.47

Some winners today include:

  • Microsoft +0.60%
  • Super Micro Computers, +3.17%
  • Tesla is up 4.39%
  • Micron is up 3.89%
  • Netflix is up 1.20%
  • Broadcom is up 4.41%
  • Crowdstrike is up 1.0%
  • Apple is up 1.83%

On Friday, I posted on video on the trend move higher in Apple, and what would need to happen to hurt the bullish bias.

Apple is marginally outpacing Microsoft as the highest capitalized stock at $3.32 trillion versus $3.31 trillion

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