Major US indices close higher for the day and the week

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The 3 major US stock indices closed higher today and this week. The gains were led by the NASDAQ on both measures.

A summary of the day shows:

  • Dow Industrial Average rose 450.02 points or 1.18% at 38675.69
  • S&P index rose 63.61 points or 1.26% at 5127.80
  • NASDAQ index rose 315.37 points or 1.99% at 16156.33

For the trading week:

  • Dow Industrial Average average rose 1.14%
  • S&P index rose 0.55%
  • NASDAQ index rose 1.43%

Looking at the small-cap Russell 2000, it rose 0.97% for the day, and also closed higher for the week by 1.684%.

Looking at the daily chart of the S&P index, it is closing just below its 50-day moving average at 5129.98. Getting above that moving average is needed to increase the bullish bias from a technical perspective (see chart below).

For the NASDAQ index, it get above its 50-day moving average today and stayed above that moving average. That is more bullish technically.

For the trading week what major stocks had great weeks?

  • Beyond Meat +26.56% (they announce earnings next week)
  • Moderna, +15.77%
  • Trump Media +15.38% (that despite the issuance of a more stock that was given to former Pres. Trump.)
  • Amgen, +15.32%
  • Snap +11.68%
  • Pfizer +9.61%
  • Roblox, +9.08% (they announce next week).
  • Qualcomm +8.44% (they announced earnings this week)
  • Apple +8.30%
  • Tesla +7.64%
  • Boeing, +7.50%
  • Shopify 4.40% (they announce next week)
  • Celcius 3.76% (they announce next week)
  • Amazon, +3.69%
  • Palantir (they announce next week)

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