EURJPY gets close to 2008 high at 169.96. Break above and trading at 32-year-high

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The EURJPY has reached a high of 168.8942. That is down the price within the 100 pips of the high price going back to July 2008 at 168.941. Trading above that level would take the pair to the highest level since September 1992.

Traders may look to lean against the high ceiling area from 2008 with stops on a break above (see red number circles in yellow area on the chart above). However, if it is like the USDJPY, be careful.

The USDJPY moved above the 155.00 level this week (on Wednesday) and apart from a flush out immediately after the rate decision today, has been trending higher. The USDJPY price currently trades at 157.864

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