Apple stock analysis – yes, seems like the Apple Intelligence news was sold

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Apple stock technical analysis following AI strategy launch event πŸ€–

Hello, this is Itai Levitan from, providing a detailed technical analysis of Apple stock after the company unveiled its Apple Intelligence (AI) strategy. This analysis examines the market’s reaction and the implications for investors and traders. πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰

Event overview and market reaction 🌟

Apple’s recent launch event introduced its AI features, generating significant interest among market participants. However, the reaction from the market has been less than favorable, with a failed breakout at a key resistance and trend line. This response suggests a bearish sentiment, as evidenced by the 1.91% drop in stock price following the event.

Key technical points πŸ“Š

  1. Daily time frame analysisFrom what I see and show in the above video, the analysis starts with the daily time frame, marking the first touchpoint at the beginning of 2018. The second touchpoint followed, and now the third touchpoint appears to have failed near key resistances at 197.18 and 199.10, which is the all-time high so far.

  2. Failed breakout 🚫It seemed like the stock was poised to break above the long trend line, but it was halted at the high of July 19, 2023, at 197.4. This failed breakout, combined with the 1.91% drop today, indicates a bearish trend. But since we have an important inflation report and FMOC tommorrow – 12 June 2024 – then careful investors in APPL stock may want to see the continuation… Does it continue to be a failed setup.

  3. Watch the gapIf the continuation, as mentioned above, exists for the failed brealkout, then yhere is also a notable gap from previous earnings at 175.79, which may be filled if the stock continues to decline.

  4. Market uncertaintiesThe current market reaction might still show some volatility, especially with the upcoming FOMC meeting and an important inflation report. These events could further influence the stock’s direction.

Next to watch for Apple stock at this key technical junction 🧐

Keep a close watch on Apple stock for any signs of a continuation of the failed breakout. We need to wait for tommorrow and even end of this week but for now, with limited information ( and the FOMC meeting might be a game changer )APPL stock’s reaction looks bearish. I mean, if yesterday was so great, would the stock not break up through that key resistance?

Always trade Apple stock at your own risk and stay informed with the latest analysis from πŸ“²πŸ“‰

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