Alphabet EPS $1.89 versus $1.51 estimate. Revenues $80.54B versus $78.59B estimate

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  • EPS $1.89 versus $1.51 expected
  • Revenues $8.54 billion versus $78.59 billion estimate
  • Cloud revenue comes at $9.6 billion
  • Alphabet issues a $0.20 per share dividend (its first ever dividend)

Shares of Alphabet are up $19 or 12.18%.

Meanwhile Intel did not have such a great quarter with:

  • Ddjusted earnings-per-share of $0.18 versus $0.14 expected.
  • Revenues messed at $12.7 billion versus $12.78 billion estimate.

The not so great news is that they forecast EPS of $0.10 in the Q2 versus $0.24 expected. They also see Q2 revenues of $12.5 billion to $13.5 billion versus $13.63 billion expected.

Shares of Intel are trading down 7.04% at $32.64

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